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Who we are

  We are a new fresh bud in the industry,however we have a vision to provide value for money to every customer ,whether a house wife or a retailer both will be receiving the best price ever imagined,hence we  focus on providing an end to end one stop solution for all products we cater to...

               WE ARE JSB & CO 

Lowest Retail Price EVERRRRRR

Get the best pricing in the market WHY you need to understand this fact ,

There are no bargains,no discounts ,it seems as if you cracked a deal once a week BUT....

the reality is that the prices double-up till it reaches the consumer ,its seem a profit but actually its still loss after discounts.

OUR PRESENCE ,will make a difference initially we may cover a small section of consumers however it would be direct selling with no middle man ,so the profit is enjoyed completely by the consumer .With a tie up with hundreds of farmers & manufactures across the world we bring to you the most healthiest and enriched crop in terms of food and agro ,with minimum margins to our share of profits we ensure to have the best quality given to every single customer all 365 days ....

                  WE ARE JSB & CO

Bulk supply

Apart from our consumers we also would target the Wholesellers , traders and small business owners....why,cause today the retailing prices are high for the fact that the retailer itself pays a high value for all products obtained our approach to all these sub sellers would actually cut down on the purchase cost for them ,in turn they would be offering a better and healthier deal for their consumers .

           WE ARE JSB & CO